Why You Should Utilize Twitter for Your Business

Social media has become a very important marketing strategy for all businesses today. Maintaining an online presence for your company and updating it with relevant and engaging content will enhance your branding and promotion efforts as well as connect with your audience. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to spread the word about … http://dlvr.it/6wbCMv

Direct Marketing Traps and How to Escape Them

Direct marketing has been around for ages. It is one of the oldest types of marketing out there that is still successfully used today. After years of use, we have learned that there is a science to direct marketing. Instead of mass mailing lame, generic postcards, marketers want to use enticing direct marketing to catch … http://dlvr.it/6tkvG5

4 Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

As of 2014, most companies are utilizing social media as a marketing tool. Marketers have embraced it to better communicate and interact with their target audience as well as expand their reach online. With the use of social media sites like Twitter, these brands have also adopted the use of hashtag.  When used correctly, hashtags … http://dlvr.it/6sgT3V

Why Email Marketing is Still Hip

Happy birthday to Email who turned 32 years old this past Labor Day weekend! As the saying goes, 30s is the new 20s! Even though email marketing may strike many as out-of-date and social media marketing seems to be getting all the glory these days, email marketing is NOT dead. It is understandable that marketers … http://dlvr.it/6qJ8V2

5 Ways to Maintain Productivity at Work

The United States Department of Labor has released statistics indicating that productivity at work is up and employment is down. That means that fewer people are in the workplace, but now they have to work harder and longer! No wonder so many people are always tired and gulping down coffee and energy drinks. Since there … http://dlvr.it/6lNSvs

The Pros and Cons of Video in Email Marketing

A lot of people are talking about using video in their email marketing campaigns. Many love the idea, but sometimes it is easier said than done. Video is often a great strategy for marketers because videos can be more emotionally engaging than simple text or images. Researchers have found that emails with video content tend … http://dlvr.it/6hSspT

How to Recover From an Accidental Company Email Blast

Maybe you are in a rush and end up sending out a company mass email blast before thoroughly checking for mistakes. Or, perhaps you had too much coffee and your index finger is feeling a bit trigger-friendly this morning. Whatever the reason, it is very possible for you to send out an email blast you … http://dlvr.it/6bM1PF

Content Marketing Refresher and Resources

It’s been a half a year since we wrote about content marketing on our blog. I thought it would be a great idea to refresh everyone’s memory starting from the basics and remind you what it is and why it is awesome.

If you have spent any amount of time on digital marketing websites, you … http://dlvr.it/6XQtM0